We offers a wide variety of security services which are carried out by well-trained, equipped and motivated personnel. They are monitored on hourly basis by supervisors.


Static guarding is one of our expert fields, we can provide around the clock security for your premises, office blocks, industrial buildings, Gated estates, factories, hospitals, schools, warehouses and building construction sites. All our security officers are fully trained, vetted, uninformed, and are Psira registered.


We appreciate that organisations must be secure and confident that their clients, property assets are in safe hands and that, when it comes to security, nothing can be left to chance and that any security system is only as good as its most vulnerable point. We aim to keep up with the forever changing security technology. To minimise the risk and maximise the return on your organisations investment, we aim to always on be alert to emerging security threats and in the development of the most appropriate technologies to deal with them. We are confident that whatever the requirement, through our electronic security solutions we can provide your organisation total peace of mind


We operate a comprehensive range of key holding, mobile, mobile patrol and property inspection services- 24hrs a day/365 days a year providing rapid response and local management support. We offer a variety of specialist services that can be adapted to suit your requirements


Our experienced management and support services team will assist you with any event planning and preparation and, if required, will attend any pre-event safety meetings on your behalf. Safety is always paramount concern for events and we are committed to good health and safety working practices. Our experienced security officers are experts in handling the requirements of major organisations involved in public events and exhibitions. Sporting events, Open air and indoor concerts, Royal and ceremonial events, Conferences, Seminars, AGMs and Exhibitions.


  • Provisioning of Private Investigation services
  • Follow up on all Reported incidents
  • Interviewing of Potential Witnesses and Suspects
  • Conducting of threat assessments
  • Recruiting of focused informers
  • Handling of informers
  • Tracing of persons and Properties
  • Cheating spouses follow ups
  • Follow up on teenage drug abuse
  • Investigation of security breaches
  • Recovery of lost Items
  • Vehicle Recovery Services
  • Repossessing of any properties
  • Debugging of special events venues
  • Conducting of forensic investigations
  • Bugging Services
  • Investigation of Fraud
  • Verification and analysis of identified targets
  • Gathering of information on any identified targets
  • Report writing
  • Presentation of evidence investigation of departmental cases
  • Company espionage investigation
  • Conducting of security risk Assessments
  • Gathering of Pro-Active and Re-active information

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